Are you ready for a consulting intake?

It is safe to say that consulting is a good move for anyone with a well-grounded plan in need of extra input. 

But the crucial question here is: is this the right time for it?

Experience taught us this: most of the answers people look for during consulting are actually basic knowledge. We teach them during our courses.

Best sequence of steps: First course, then consulting. Solid plan. Avoid frustrations, avoid spoiling money, first nourish your mind.

Can you explain what will be told during the course sessions? Do you know the contents anyway? If yes, then this is the right time for consulting. 

You won’t waste time with basic knowledge questions that you can learn during our course. You are ready to put things into a broader perspective.

Really honest? Don’t waste expensive consulting hours on countless rounds of questions that you could actually gather during a decent but less costly course.

We understand your impatience, because consulting is really tempting. But the moment when the time is right is coming soon.

You will get the most out of consulting if you already have acquired solid knowledge in our Substrate and Wood Fungi Production course or if you have collected an encyclopaedia of expertise throughout your professional career.

In that case, you will surely get a return on investment. Welcome to book a free intake.

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