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Are you registering for our on-site courses? Are you a non-EU resident? You might need a Visa to travel to Belgium. Click here to check.

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VAT may be different than you are used to.

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If you are registering for the Substrate and Wood Fungi Production and Mycelium Production courses, you benefit from 449,80 € discount. Add both courses to your cart and apply the the coupon COMBO2023* to enjoy the discount!

*This coupon is only valid if the participant takes both courses. Any misuse of this coupon will not be considered valid.

Visa information

Citizens from outside the EU need a Visa to travel to Belgium.

If you are a non-EU citizen and never visited Europe, you might need a Visa for the EU.

Please check here if you need a Schengen Visa to visit Belgium. If a Visa is requested, make sure that you apply at least 4 months in advance, for the procedure can be long. Read our FAQ.

If your embassy requests an invitation letter to apply for your Visa, please fill in this form to receive one.

Tax information

On-site courses

You pay the Belgium VAT (21%).

You pay the Belgium VAT (21%).

You pay the Belgium VAT (21%).

As a non-resident company within de EU you normally don’t have to pay VAT on purchased goods from another EU member.

But here is an exception, Mycelia Academy has to comply with the new EU regulation on on-site courses. This means, in accordance with Art. 21, §3, 3° WBTW, we have to charge VAT.

In principle, non-resident businesses should be able to recover all, or part of the VAT incurred.

You can find more information on this here.

For more infomation on your how you can claim your refund, click here

Online courses / consulting

Consumer or company
You pay the Belgium VAT (21%).

You pay your country’s VAT.

You do not pay VAT, if you have a valid VAT number on VIES.

You do not pay the VAT.

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