I started the school of Mycelia because I know from experience how big the need is for consulting and course in our sector. After having started my own mycelium production company many years ago, I encountered a lot of beginners’ problems. I felt frustrated because I did not find an institution or place where I could learn my trade, and I had to overcome each one of my mistakes at high cost. The same when we upscaled.

And I was not alone: a lot of people were suffering needlessly because there was no proper exchange platform for basic professional information.

When I finally became a successful mycelium producer for specialty mushrooms, I promised myself to share my knowledge for the benefit of others. This was the basis of the school, and it still is.

As the demand for expertise knowledge grew, we decided to turn the school into a real academy and a separate company: Mycelia Academy BV.
We continue to investigate how we can help even more people with our knowledge, in all corners of the world, which is why we are also developing an online offer. We are not ready yet, but with our online offer too we will be able to help you enormously. That much is certain.

Magda Verfaillie, founder of Mycelia

No, we can not teach you how to grow these mushrooms, or how to make Agaricus bisporus compost.

But we can teach you all about the cultivation of Agaricus bisporus spawn in our spawn production group course. Check out the course here.


Do you really want to learn how to grow Agaricus bisporus mushrooms or compost? Then join a course in the Netherlands from Mark den Ouden’s Mushroom Office.

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