Online courses are key to achieve our mission.

We want to make highly qualified mycelium knowledge accessible to everyone who needs it. So we are working hard on our online offers, and will launch a first selection at the end of 2023. 

As this page will host all our online modules in future, it will be an important hub for your growth.

All kinds of online course on the industrial potential of fungi, mycelium and substrate production will be added at a later stage. The basic philosophy is that we have a course for everybody. Also for groups that were previously unreachable.

Your opinion matters

What subject would you like to receive online course on? Please tell us. That way, we will know even better what is important to you.

Avoid expensive mistakes and don't lose valuable time.

Long ago we bumped into all kinds of obstacles during our start-up and scaling-up periods. It sometimes made us desperate. At that time, there were no courses or experienced teachers who shared their knowledge on mycelium production. 

We became pioneers in the field because we had to overcome every obstacle ourselves. We do not wish such tough times on anyone, if we can help it. 

So we share knowledge.

We don’t copy the past, we build the future.

Never stop learning. Because life never stops teaching
– Michael Josephson

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