This page is under construction. If you have any question regarding our consulting services, please contact us here.

Yes, at Mycelia Academy you are at the right place for many questions concerning industrial mycelium and substrate production. We can also help you with lignicolous mushroom production, although for some topics we will refer you to other partners from our expertise network. We help find the best path for your search.

But consulting is usually not yet a good idea if you have little experience or have not yet taken any course. In that case you should not yet invest in expensive consulting, there are better roads to take.

Experience taught us that a lot of consulting questions are part of the standard curriculum of our on-site courses. These courses are less expensive, and thus the ideal step towards consulting.

consulting is really for the advanced. You need to have solid knowledge and a broad overview, otherwise you won’t be sufficiently served by the good advice from our consultants. Is that the case with you? Welcome with your quest!

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