Are you in the mushroom growing business and do you want to optimise the production process but are you lacking the right knowledge?

Or do you want to start growing your own mushrooms but you simply don’t know where and how to begin because you are overwhelmed with all the information on the web?

Are you facing these issues as well?

We can help you.
Let’s give you some examples:

Example 1
Are you struggling with designing a proper substrate formulation?

The rentability is not very high, and you don’t stop pondering (even as you are getting ready for sleep): how to improve your substrate? The whole search process can take a very long time indeed.

Because of the long growth cycles, it usually takes 2, sometimes even 4 years to find a good formula. You realise that you are facing a huge challenge.

With the proper guidance, you can bring down this research time to less than half! In some cases, we can even get you ready-to-use formulations. In the Substrate and Wood Fungi Training we will give you the tools to interpret and work on your substrate the correct way, so you save time.

Example 2
Are you experiencing mould in your incubation rooms and you don’t know how to control or get rid of them? 

Most mushroom professionals know that you wake up in a nightmare once you see the first green spot, because it means the start of a long struggle.

If you are experiencing massive losses, you are probably caught in a so-called “vicious circle of reinfection”. Once the circle is broken, you will also need to prevent a new circle to develop. Thanks to the insight into a large set of principles that we teach during our Substrate Training, you can discover where you are going wrong. It could be the start of a new era.

We have a lot of the answers you are looking for.
Learn how to improve your skills in our Substrate and Wood Fungi Training.

Mycelia hosts a top level course centre for mycelium production, where you can tap into generations of knowledge.

Who will you meet during your journey?

What will you experience and receive?

If your goal is to earn back the investment for this knowledge through:

then you are the ideal participant for this course.

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Some frequently heard concerns:

Ultimately this Training saves you time. Thanks to those 5 days in a year, you achieve better results. You can handle big issues with much less time and effort than before.

Trainings are pricy, that is correct. But it is an investment that pays for itself.

We are sure of that. But substrate and wood fungi production is about knowing exactly what to do (and not to do) on the basis of well-founded knowledge. And that is precisely our strength.

Top 3 answers: "What did the course bring you?"

1. Learned a lot from real experts

2. Learned how to avoid problems

3. Networking

We wish you so much happiness in all your mycelium ventures.
We understand why you love it so much. We share the same passion.

See you soon,
Magda and Kasper

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